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Gay Florida

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YOU ARE INVITED! All adult bisexual gay men & you curious straight guys - come join the bi guy fun! [29 Sep 2017|10:40am]


Hello from Mac and our Bi Men Network and our social fraternity Beta Mu:

Greetings! The 1/4 million bi and gay men of our Bi Men Network and the
8000 plus bi and gay men of our private online social fraternity want to
welcome you to come join us FREE. Enjoy Bi Men Network as millions
of men have online since 1998 at www.bimen.org and try our social networking
and down low man fun private site FREE for a full month free on us at Beta Mu
at www.betamusociety.org - we are here for you so stop wasting so much time
and energy on wasteful of time public sites and come to where the MEN are!

FOR BISEXUAL MEN RESOURCES for bi and bi-curious men visit:
MAC'S FRONT ROOM at: www.bimen.org/macsfrontroom.htm
MAC'S BACK ROOM at: www.bimen.org/macsbackroom.htm
FREE EROTIC Bi MEN STORIES: www.bimen.org/stories

We are here for you since 1998 online continuously at Bi MEN NETWORK,
and now also at our new online bi and gay men global social fraternity -
our BETA MU SOCIETY, and at Bi MEN USA at www.bimen.us, here for you!

Join us at Bi Men Network and Beta Mu Society. Our motto: "You are not alone!"

Big Hugs and Best Wishes,

Mac McCloud, Founder, Bi MEN NETWORK
www.bimen.org and our bi men social fraternity
BETA MU SOCIETY - www.betamusociety.org

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eyes [03 May 2011|04:37pm]

When she lowers her eyes she seems to hold all the beauty in the world between her eyelids; when she raises them I see only myself in her gaze. Kate Lesbian Dating blog
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Gay Florida sounds just fine [23 Mar 2011|01:28pm]

I see St. Pete in the interests of this page. I've been in Tampa now for a few weeks.
I've lived in Florida for almost two years now and I am looking to discover the Tampa area.
In the event that those in this group are using Livejournal I'd appreciate the start of a new forum, feed, discussion.
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Study for LGB Latina/o Individuals [22 Nov 2010|11:14am]

Hello! My name is Brandon Velez, and I am a graduate student in the University of Florida’s Psychology Department.  I am conducting a study that I hope will contribute to understanding the experiences and well-being of Latina/o lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals. Participation will involve completing a survey online and will take approximately 30 minutes. Because your participation is very important to this goal, I hope that you will set aside time to complete this study. 

In order to participate you must:

·         be 18 years of age or older

·         reside in the United States

·         identify as Latina/o or Hispanic

·         identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or some other sexual minority status (e.g., queer, questioning)

If you would like to participate and you identify as a woman, please follow this link:



If you would like to participate and you identify as a man, please follow this link:



Thank you VERY much in advance for your time and effort!  Please feel free to pass on this link to other people who might be eligible.  


If you have any question about this study, please feel free to contact me at velezbl@gmail.com. This research has been approved by the University of Florida’s Institutional Review Board (UFIRB#2010-U-0579).


Brandon Velez, B.S.
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Bi Men Network warmly welcomes all gay and bi Florida Men! Join us free! [28 Jul 2010|10:42am]

Bi MEN NETWORK - www.bimen.org - the world's largest
social networking site with a bisexual male
focus now with over 1/4 million active adult
male members with us today. We warmly
welcome all bi guys, bi-curious males, gay
men, and bisexual couples - free. The Bi
Men host the lively Bi Men Weekly News;
the bi and gay men's free erotica guide at
Mac's Back Room; and our erotic Bi Men
Story Rooms - all free. Join us today - OK!

Best Wishes,

Mac McCloud
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Deltona Gays? [12 May 2010|07:45am]

Hey there,

My name is Dax and I am considering a move from Providence, Rhode Island to Deltona, Florida. I was wondering if anyone here had any details of the gay community in the area, as any suggestions for a new gay who may end up there.

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A Gay [10 Mar 2010|09:57am]


Hello, I am a gay.

My thoughts after a friend was attacked.Collapse )
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[25 Sep 2009|01:14pm]

Hello all Im kinda new to LiveJournal (like really new). I was excited to find this group cuz im gay and proud in Florida and its nice to find a group where I belong XD

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[12 Jun 2009|06:52pm]

Hello everybody,

I've been in Tampa for about 2 weeks now and just love it. From where I came from this place is heaven compared. Right now I am living in a hotel on the west side of the airport ( long story ). With all that said what's everybody up to? I'm open to making friends here which is why I joined in the first place, and I want to see what the gay scene is like around Florida. :-) I'm into allot of things too many of which to list here...Add away if ya like, I don't mind.
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pet shop boys finally touring in the states [10 Jun 2009|05:13pm]

is anyone going to see psb when they go on tour in the states? they're playing the Fillmore in miami on sept 9! it feels like it's been forever since they were here! brooklyn vegan has them listed as playing a bunch of shows:

tour datesCollapse )
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Yes!!!! The new Pet Shop Boys album is out now. [24 Apr 2009|11:41am]

Any Pet Shop Boys fans out there? I'm assuming so... they have a new album out now and it's so so so good... i'm kind of a super fan so i'm spreading the love, etc :).


Yes on iTunes
"Love, Etc." Video
PSB Video Medley
PSB Yes Magamix on Out.com

Pet Shop Boys Snake Game
Pet Shop Boys Performing at the Brits with Brandon Flowers and Lady Gaga

Official Website

You can hear the album via this widget, which is cool... but worth buying imho:
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visiting [11 Mar 2009|07:09pm]

I'm a Canadian lesbian who's going to be visiting Orlando in late April and I was just wondering if there are any events I shouldn't miss or what gay bars are good for ladies who like ladies.
Any help would be grand ^_^
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CYBER-BUDDIES WANTED.... [15 Feb 2009|01:08pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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BLOG - FREE GAY VIDEO DOWNLOADS! [11 Feb 2009|05:09pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network Fundraiser in Miami [23 Jan 2009|01:03pm]

GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, is having a fundraiser Jan. 31 in Miami Beach.


Please RSVP by Jan 29th
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[22 Jan 2009|08:25am]

Hey. Im a gay guy living in South Miami. Looking for some Gay friends....hell.....lesbian friends are cool too....any ones welcome to say hi.
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hello.. [17 Oct 2008|04:12pm]

Hi, my name is Jean, I'm from Dominican Republic, studying in Logan, UT right now but my life is in Miami, so I decided to join this community and check out things while I'm here.  xxxx
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New here [02 Sep 2008|01:51pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Hey All,

I was at work and decided to create a LiveJournal account. I thought it would be a good way to meet interesting people. I'm looking to make some new gay friends. Most of my friends are straight girls and well, that needs to change. Well, there isn't much else I have to say at the moment, so hopefully I'll be chatting with you guys soon. Bye!

Got 2BGood

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Camera Whore Strikes Again! [31 Aug 2008|01:07pm]


So I'm bored and wanting to show off my new figure and new hair cut and to entice you to come read my journal. That and some shameless ego stroking just makes me day. Besos!

The proof is in the pictures!Collapse )
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ANT IN FLORIDA!!! [14 Jul 2008|03:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

There is finally a gay travel show starring ANT. He basically travels around small town America looking for signs of gay life and the best part is when he goes to Florida - you have to check it out!!!  Anyway, you can rent the DVD of his gay comedy show, US of Ant. 

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