Ken (truffles2) wrote in gayflorida,

A Gay

Hello, I am a gay.

Yes, I said 'a gay'. Apparently, some people tend to think this word is a noun.

Allow me to correct this assumption.

Let's use me as an example and go through all the things I am before my homosexuality ever even comes in to the picture shall we?

    • I am male.
      However shocking that may be to some...
    • I am a student.
      A very good and dedicated student, I might add.
    • I am a son.
      To two caring and supportive parents who have tried their best to raise me to be a good person.
    • But before I am any of those things...
      I am a HUMAN BEING.

Now, most people come to realize that I am generally a laid back individual. It takes a whole lot to wind my key. I could care less about politically correct terminology. I can tell the difference between a good natured comment and one with a little more venom in it. I even give the benefit of the doubt 90% of the time when someone steps over that thin line of acceptable and unacceptable. Everyone makes mistakes and most of the time they are out of naivety. I'm the last person that should get huffy about that sort of thing.

Everyone in the free world is entitled to their own opinion. I don't expect you to like the fact that I enjoy the company of other men. I don't expect you to be ok with it. Hell, you can hate it. It could be for religious reasons, or just because you find it gross. That's your own mind, and I would never try and force someone to accept that part of me, because that would be being hypocritical. To say that you have to accept me for being gay in one breath and denying your right to believe that it isn't right in the next just doesn't make sense to me.

I am ok with the fact that you don't think homosexuality is ok.

I've had very pleasant and and sometimes even comical debates on the subject with people who don't believe homosexuality is moral. I don't mind discussing the issue. And I don't mean discussing the issue and trying to get you to change your ideas on the matter, I mean generally debating it from an impartial standpoint. Discussions like that make people think. They make me think. It's good exercise for the brain all around.

The only thing I can not stand for is when people think that me being gay overthrows the rest of who I am.

If you choose not to associate with me because of it, that's your loss, but that's fine. There is no excuse... NO EXCUSE WHAT SO EVER... for you to verbally or physically attack me. If you think I'm going to hell because I choose to have a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend, then keep it to your own damn self. I'll find out soon enough when I die. God did not make you his judge and jury. I think he or she or it can do that pretty well on their own, thank you! The next time you want to bash in someone's skull with a bat just because they have a different orientation, go bash in a wall instead. That's about how much good it will do, and you'll get in far less trouble for it.

You can protest all you want against "gay rights". I am all for freedom of speech. But when things turn in to personal attacks against specific individuals, you've gone too far. I refuse to defend your right to slander my name and the names of my friends because you don't have that right. That is not what the constitution protects. Read up on your history, because I'm sick of trying to educate you on the subject!

Being gay is not what I am. It is a very, very small part of who I am. I refuse to pretend and try and act like I'm attracted to women. This isn't me being selfish. This is me sacrificing my own sense of what is 'normal' because I don't want to end up making someone else miserable. Being civil to me is not going to make people think you are ok with homosexuality. I am not contagious. I am not trying to recruit people. It was hard enough for me to figure out the fact that I am not straight on my own, I don't need to try and convince other people to follow that road! I'm secure with that part of me. You doing things to sabotage my life WILL NOT SCARE ME IN TO BEING STRAIGHT!

For the sake of your own sanity, get over it and move on.

To sum all of this up;

I am a person. I don't ask the world to accept the fact that I am gay. I expect the world to accept me as a human being regardless of who I choose to share my bed with. Because in the end, it really doesn't matter who you love, it's that you love in the first place.
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